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In the past year, The Salvation Army performed close to 75,000 assessments to identify ways that they could offer ongoing support for those in need. 140,000 people engaged with our services. And then they took action. They provided more than 34,000 social work sessions, 13,646 financial mentoring sessions and housed over 4000 people. 

The Salvation Army launched the Christmas Wishing Tree Appeal on Monday 8 November in partnership with Kmart. We would love your support to create a brighter Christmas and New Year for the most vulnerable in our community by running your own corporate gift drive.


You and your staff can get involved by creating a collection area in your office or asking staff to collect at home, to gather new, unwrapped gifts. Once collected we will ask you to drop then to your nearest Salvation Army Centre by Monday 20th December. You are also welcome to make a monetary contribution. Funds raised will go towards providing locally responsive support services . 

For more information and to get your teams involved please complete the form on the main Support Christmas page. 

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