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Offering is a collection of twelve gospel hymns that have provided comfort and peace for centuries.

We invited the artists of our time to perform the music of all time, presenting these songs afresh for future generations. Furthermore, each performance has been matched with an original work of art created specifically for this project.

We are delighted that New Zealand’s finest recording and visual artists have come together and participated so creatively and generously. Each artist has contributed their finished work at no charge and foregone all future royalties so that the maximum amount can be shared with those in need via The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army has faithfully served New Zealand since 1883 and music has always been a rich part of the culture. We are extremely proud of this inspired partnership and so grateful to all the participating artists who have chosen to honour the tremendous work of ‘The Sallies’ in this way.

Music to feed the soul with proceeds to support The Salvation Army with 12 beautiful hymns performed by 12 of New Zealand's finest recording artists.

We thank you for your generous partnership

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