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People helped through at least one of our services

Social work sessions to 4000 clients

People housed in long-term tenancies across 432 homes

Clients received financial mentoring from 33 locations



The Salvation Army- Te Ope Whakaora- The Army That Brings Life


From its roots in Victorian England founded by William and Catherine Booth in 1865, The Salvation Army has expanded its work into over 130 countries, meeting social needs and transforming lives worldwide.

In Aotearoa New Zealand our work includes over 90 worship and community centres meeting the needs of local people that range from alcohol, drug, and gambling addiction to addressing wide-ranging social needs such as deprivation and poverty, family dysfunction, mounting debt and depression. The Salvation Army’s wrap around services includes addiction support, counselling, financial mentoring, parenting programs and whānau support.


This work is needed more than ever before. The scourge of Covid-19 is impacting our society in many ways, making life tougher for our most vulnerable people. But we stand by them, living out The Salvation Army's mission of caring for people, transforming lives, and reforming society by God’s power. We continue to fight for those at the margins of our society.


We cannot do this work without your help. Money is needed to feed the hungry, staff our centres and bring hope into dark places. Please consider how you and your business might be a vital support for our work across Aotearoa New Zealand. Together we can work from the ‘top of the cliff’ with initiatives that have maximum impact and reduce the need for crisis support at the ‘bottom of the cliff’.

Why Partner With The Salvation Army? 

The Salvation Army has a valued group of businesses that are funding partners for its mission. You might want to consider becoming part of this group. There are many benefits that flow from supporting our mission including your staff knowing that your business cares about the vulnerable in our society. Shareholders too are looking to invest in businesses that have a strong mandate to care for social and environmental needs.


Speak to us about what matters most to you in a funding partnership. We love to tailor funding partnerships so that your needs are met as well as our own. An essential element in any funding relationship is that the business receives frequent feedback on what their investment is accomplishing. We engage with those working at the coalface to produce timely and accurate data that supports ongoing funding investment decisions.


There are several ways that your funding can be channelled to have maximum effect. One is through un-tagged giving, giving us the freedom to utilise funds in a flexible way, allocating money where it is most needed. Then there are specific, tagged, and targeted giving opportunities. We can show you a number of exciting opportunities to target your funding into so let’s discuss what is your preferred approach.



Cause Related Brand Impact

(Stillwater/ACNielson Report)


feel that it is a good idea for Kiwi companies to support a charity


of Kiwis think more highly of a company that supports a charity


of Kiwis would be prepared to change brand if a similar brand supported a cause that they believe in


of Kiwis would even pay more money for goods and services to support a worthy cause





These videos detail the impact our work has, which is enabled by the valued assistance we receive from our partners in areas such as food security, social housing, youth at risk, financial security and overcoming addiction.





Watch Our Impact  Videos


The latest State of the Nation was published in Feb 2022 and is the 15th edition of the State of the Nation report. With Covid-19 we have moved to include a more interactive online format. All the statistics used are embedded into our interactive dashboard. The report is available for download in both a full-length report and a summary document. 

Read State of the Nation


Together is a biannual newsletter to inform you about how your support is helping Kiwis in need. The Together newsletter features The Salvation Army's social services, key outcomes, and achievements - as well as stories from people who have been positively affected by our work. This newsletter is all about showing what we can achieve by working together in partnership.

Read the latest Together Newsletter




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